Genital Herpes In Women


The female biological makeup has made it quite difficult for the herpes virus to be controlled in their system. Herpes symptoms are quite difficult to control in women unlike in men. More women are infected with herpes unlike men as recent research in the United States shows that one in four women is infected with herpes whereas one in five men is infected with the herpes virus. Most people will more often than not take sexually transmitted disease education with less seriousness. Any individual should however take it upon themselves to know about all that surrounds them as one might not really know what will strike them in the days to come.

Herpes is quite uncontrollable in females as compared to the rate of occurrence in men. Females will tend to have more outbreaks that are more painful than men. If diagnosed early before the symptoms begin to show, the infected female can control and treat the symptoms in time. Most women however resort to solace once diagnosed with the disease with the fear of possible chances that they might pass the disease to their child which is not the case. If discovered early enough, the woman can get on anti-viral medications that will help suppress the virus operations. Maintaining a healthy diet will also go a long way in ensuring the infected mother experiences fewer outbreaks.

Herpes manifests differently in different individuals but the symptoms are more serious in women. After the virus gets into the body it will remain dormant waiting to show later on. If the body has a strong immune system the antibodies will ensure the virus operations are suppressed. By doing this any uninfected individual will have very mild or fewer outbreaks. Infected persons will attest to the fact that the first outbreak is mostly serious than the follow up outbreaks. This is because after their first outbreak the body will find ways to counter the virus.

For women this is quite serious since during their menstrual cycle their immunity tends to lower. If their immunity lowers the virus will be able to manifest with the follow up outbreaks. At this specific time the infected female’s body will be weak. But with maintenance of a healthy diet that entails eating healthy and avoiding consumption of beverages that lower the immunity the female can cure and treat the symptoms. Genital herpes has no known cure but the females should not worry as the symptoms are different in different individuals and they can be cured and controlled.

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