• sexual health

    Misconceptions and Ignorance about Sexual Health

    Dangers of Lack Of Knowledge about Sexual Health Ignorance is a bliss– this has actually been the offer. The long been promulgated concept has actually been inculcated in the minds of individuals and has dictated their actions since time long past. Political leaders, generally, utilize this idea as they promptly prevent every cost submitted versus them – now, that was just for a few laughs. They say that the minimal you recognize, the lower the threats to your life. Yet this is not constantly the case. Ignorance doesn’t always put us on the “risk-free” side. Instead, ignorance can occasionally mean threat. Unlike common belief, there is no better protection to…

  • Herpes

    Genital Herpes In Women

    The female biological makeup has made it quite difficult for the herpes virus to be controlled in their system. Herpes symptoms are quite difficult to control in women unlike in men. More women are infected with herpes unlike men as recent research in the United States shows that one in four women is infected with herpes whereas one in five men is infected with the herpes virus. Most people will more often than not take sexually transmitted disease education with less seriousness. Any individual should however take it upon themselves to know about all that surrounds them as one might not really know what will strike them in the days…